SIRIX Tablet is an HTML5 based platform which is available for use on most tablets, including iPads and Android devices.

The platform can be accessed by typing in the website address on the tablet’s internet browser.

SIRIX Tablet will is fully synchronized with SIRIX Station, SIRIX Web and SIRIX Mobile and the user can be logged into all platforms simultaneously.

In addition, SIRIX Tablet can be downloaded from the Apple App store and Google Marketplace.


  • The SIRIX Tablet allows iPad users and Tablet users to access the forex market through StocksM with no requirements to download or install anything to their computer.
  • The SIRIX Tablet is 100% online based and can be accessed by any computer connected to the Internet.
  • Functional for trading in Stocks, CFD’s, Pair of Currencies, Precious Metals and Energies
  • Conducts trades with your existing open positions, pending orders, equity, margin/free margin/margin level, and balance
  • Synchronized with the news feed updates in real time
  • Multi Charting Friendly
  • Functions for Visual Presentation for Novice and Developed Traders