SIRIX Station

SIRIX Station is the most up-to-date trading platform with a lot of advanced features that brings your trading experience on another level.

Make your trading experience more enjoyable. Maximize your profits and execute trades quickly with the most user-friendly, innovative trading platform in the market. With Sirix Station you are able to execute trades from any Windows PC by simply downloading the software. This is ideal for traders who prefer to trade and monitor trades on a downloadable platform.



Download SIRIX Station

User-friendly Interface

Sirix Station compared to other platforms today has a much bigger and clearer font of instruments and quotes.

Sirix Station includes easy navigation between all available and selected favorable instruments.

Traders can add quotes of desired instruments into Cubes for faster navigation and execution.

Ultra-Fast Execution

Sirix Station let you place your Buy and Sell orders at the speed of the light without any delay, rejection or re-quote using the One-Touch trading option.

You can also deposit money into your account using the Quick Deposit button located in the platform.

Social Trading

One of Sirix main advantages, it allows traders to observe other users’ trading performances.

Trading has never been more competitive as you challenge yourself, watch how other traders react to market conditions and even imitate the trades of your fellow traders within the community.

Advanced Charting

The technical indicators in Sirix Station allow you to analyze charts and support your trading decisions to maximize your profit potential.