Who we are

We are Al Jazira Pro – Global Market Trading broker

We are now a top-brand with and almost 6 years experience on the market. We are the team of professionals who exactly understand the pulse of the market and its hidden opportunities. We now support over 300 employees and serve to trade to more than 90.000 traders all over the world.

We are growing our knowledge and trading opportunities, new revenues with the partners, and spreading the word about the company.

For those to use the platform on a daily basis major points are all about the effectiveness, long-term relationship, and trustworthiness of the market they are investing in.

And we are serving the world class and  first in the world customer oriented brokerage with an advantage that meets the eye:


  • You can choose out of a large number of account types
  • Security on every single step of your trade
  • Terms that can satisfy your completely
  • Standards for regulation of the trade
  • Bonus programs and affiliate links